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Discussion on: A WordPress Development Workflow for Small Teams in 2015

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I am new to WordPress and I learn WordPress by watching the Udemy course which teaches 'old' stuff. Things have been changed a lot. I use git for my WordPress project and install it on the wp-content (includes plugins, uploads, all themes).

  1. Deployment:
    I use FTP or WP-file-manager plugin to deploy theme and I have to add new pages, plugins, uploads, advanced custom fields manually in staging and production env. How do you do that these days?

  2. Sync between env:
    How can I sync production and local env? WP Migrate DB is great if I fetch DB from production to local but when I make some changes to my local and I want to update it to staging or production, I cannot use that. Should I update staging and production manually?

  3. What WP hosting solutions would you recommend?

Thanks a lot