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Discussion on: Happy Hacktoberfest! 🎃

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Dipti Gautam • Edited

Hii there! I'm organizing a local Hacktoberfest event from my community, Nepali Women in Computing, and we are looking for speakers! (Preferably women and non binaries)
The number of women in tech is in itself too few, and in my community, I can literally count in hands the number of women I have seen contributing in open source (and even I'm not one of them), so I am taking this as more of an opportunity to start the conversation, and introduce the culture for us to get into open source and start contributing for the sake of contributing to a community rather than complete pull requests for a t-shirt (Sorry, I don't mean to discourage Hacktoberfest, rather addressing that the community isn't there yet that the event would help get the pull requests, and that we should work on the foundations first).
My main target groups are students who are in final years of college, and early career graduates at their first jobs, or who are in the process of finding their first jobs, to get exposed to open source, so they can get this experience and leverage this thing for the professional experiences that they don't yet have, which the jobs would usually demand. And of course, develop the sense of belonging.

So, if anyone would like to share and support us, we are organizing an event on 18th October. Please help us find relevant speakers and get the word out! Thanks a lot!

[EDIT: We might be taking this event beyond Hacktoberfest, and maybe even beyond October so it's not lost in the temporary hype for this month, and give us more time to plan properly. Please reply to this comment or reach out to me via twitter if you'd like to speak and/or collaborate!]

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Dear Dipti,
I love your idea to motivate and support women to be into the tech field. I wanted to be a part of the event. I am open to all type of responsibilities. I am a final year computer science student.
It would be very great of you if you give me this opportunity.

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Dipti Gautam

Hi, you can help us find speakers! :)

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