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Discussion on: Attempting to Learn Go - Building Dev Log Part 03

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Dirk Olbrich • Edited

Hey, nice post series. I always learn something new from it.

What would you think of renaming some functions to make them more unambiguous? I know, Go is known for making names as short as possible, but ... πŸ€”

For example

func getContents(f *string) ([]byte, error) {}

The code within explains itself, as it is short enough, but if you read only the function signature, it is not quit clear. Does it get the content of a string and returns it as a byte slice? What, if the function gets longer? I would have to skim a lot more code to understand it.

How about

func getFileContent(f string)


func getContent(file string)

And why do you use a reference to the Λ‹fileΛ‹ string instead of a simple value?

Another one would be

func parseFM()

Abbreviations are hard to follow, it not within the closed context of a function. Maybe

func parseFrontMatter()

would make it instantly clear?!

Looking forward to your next post.

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Steve Layton Author

Thanks for the comment! It would definitely make it clearer. I always go back and forth on names, I've been thinking about learning more toward descriptive functions like getFileContent(f string) especially for stuff I'm going to be posting. Now, is probably a good time to try and commit to that. I can't remember why I wrote it that way and didn't just send in a string. It's not like we're memory constrained it doesn't need to be that way and the passed in string would just be garbage collected eventually.