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Discussion on: Attempting to Learn Go - Building Dev Log Part 04

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Dirk Olbrich

It's getting interesting ;-)

Here is my suggestion for refactoring

func splitData(fm []byte) ([][]byte, error) {}

From an outside view suddenly there is a hardcoded reference to the delimeter constant (by the way, constants always CAPSLOCK?), which is annoying to test. And difficult to change or extend.

Better to inject that dependency with:

func splitData(fm []byte, delimiter string) ([][]byte, error) {}
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Steve Layton Author

It's getting interesting ;-)

I certainly hope so! Thanks for the comment! I'm surprised I didn't notice the lowercase const. When I started I thought about allowing other styles of delimiters (***, or ___) but in the end, decided to stick with the triple-dash as Jekyll does. Since I'm not planning on changing it then there is no reason to leave it outside splitData() really. Moving it inside the function would make that function clearer, then if it turns out we need to extend it accepting the delimiter as a parameter it is probably the way to go.