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Discussion on: Tina Cloud is in public alpha

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Frank Taillandier • Edited on

TinaCMS can be bundled as a React App in the browser and injected while editing on a Markdown-based website, so that would work with Hugo who comes with esbuild now.

The missing part is handling instant previews in the browser, we're still in discovery phase on that topic, maybe Hugo could run as a serverless function on your hosting provider and display changes almost in real-time in sidebar editing mode?

Migrating a Forestry website is not just about the SSG, it's also about your front end templates, your Git provider, your Media provider, users, snippets, etc. We are currently investigating how to automate part of this process. A first scenario could be Hugo sites build with > 0.78.0, hosted on GitHub, using Cloudinary as a media provider, etc.

And yes, Tina Cloud will have a free community plan for small teams (2 or 3 people) and a per site pricing for paid plans.

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Thank you so much for the detailed info, I understand that it is more involved than it might seem at first. Anyway I am thinking of using Forestry for a new project and I understand that it is safe to proceed with it and eventually there will be options to somehow migrate to TinaCMS.