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8 best serif fonts for clean elegant logo design

Logo font is the most significant element of a Logo design, it just can make the logo or can break it. Starting back in the 1600s making all the way to the present, being the game changer the right font can boost the impact of your logo and your brand, but the wrong one can kill it. Graphic designs are more than those fancy colors and images, it does voice the aim and essence of the brand through its theme, fonts and other elements, so we need to make sure that all the elements are cohesive and do complement the brand.
DIDOT- The serif font that rule the graphic designing world, Didot is one of the best and most used font when it comes to creating a clean and elegant Logo Design. A design that has creativity and is attractive enough to bag client attention and also to make your brand stand out in the competition crowd. The Didot font has a history dated back around the 18th & 19TH century and was created by Adrian Frutiger as tribute to the famous Didot family of that same era.

BLACKER- A wedge typeface crafted by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini & Andrea Tartarelli in order to take on the contemporary evil serif genre. It has characters covering up over seventy languages using Latin alphabet and Russian Cyrillic. Other features include small caps, four sets of figures, fractions, superior and inferior figures, alternate forms and discretionary ligatures. Be it for headers or for Logo & Packaging this font is fit for everything.

FF AVANCE- A font that is apt for logo design featuring Motion & Energy. A perfect font for all the action based industries. This is a kind of special asymmetrical typeface created by Evert Bloemsma.

GARAMOND- One of the oldest and most popular serif fonts that is widely used and is known by every graphic designer and is dominating the graphic designing world since 16th century. Created by Claude Garamond and Jean Jannon this font now has a variety of interpretations in recent days. The font and serifs are way too attractive and expressive, this font is perfect for a professional timeless Logo design depicting personality.

REVISTA- One of the classiest, elegant, stencil type font of all time, this font list would be incomplete if this font name isn’t added. It gives a fashionable kind of DIY vibe to your design. Go for this font if you want to get out of the cliché zone.

SABON- One of the old style typeface created by Jan Tschichold back in and around 1967, and this font was greatly influenced by Garamond font. This font was released in cooperation with Linotype, Monotype & Stempel type.

PIXEL ART FONT- Evolving from the 2D era in 70s -90s till this new age era, Pixel art font have come across a long way. These fonts are quirky, fun and are way more usable than those video games. Not just Logo but this font is suitable for poster & packaging designs, and popping these fonts up in your window is kind of attractive and fun too.

ROUND SANS SERIF- These fonts are quite popular these days and are widely used by famous brands like AirBnB, Google & Spotify. The font gives a clean & geometric vibe. This font can be perfect if used with a bold color palette. This font is all about positivity and elegance.
As we all know the value and importance of a correct use of font in a Logo design, so as to make your brand outshine and to enhance your brand value make sure to choose the perfect font for your design and also to choose a professional to create one such design.

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