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Django News #172 - Django 4.2 released candidate 1 released


Django 4.2 release candidate 1 released

Django 4.2 release candidate 1 is the final opportunity for you to try out the farrago of new features before Django 4.2 is released.

Want to host DjangoCon Europe 2024?

Could your town - or your football stadium, circus tent, private island or city hall - host this wonderful community event?

Welcome to the PyPI Blog

Announcing the launch of

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Supercharge Your Wagtail CMS Project

Implement Wagtail at scale by adding extra capacity and capability to your sprint team with Torchbox's Consultancy and Staff Augmentation services. Utilised by Mozilla Foundation, Nasa JPL, and the NHS. Find out more:


Django: Parameterized tests for all model admin classes

An application of "test smarter, not harder" for any project using Django's admin.

A 'No JS' Solution for Dynamic Search in Django

Take advantage of HTMX requests to do partial rendering for list views in Django.

Django Database Connection Pooling with PgBouncer

An example of Django PostgreSQL Database Connection Pooling with PgBouncer.

Locking Down Your Users' Secrets: Django Sessions 101

Explore the security of Django sessions and see how they can be made even more secure.


Announcing PyGotham 2023

PyGotham will take place online October 6th and 7th, 2023. The conference will feature two days of talks covering Python and the Python community.



A MsgPack serializer for Django.


Async support for Django REST framework.

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