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Discussion on: Sitemap for dynamic routes in NuxtJS

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Dirk Menkveld

Hey men, thanks for replying.

Well, the host needs to be dynamic, where I've different data connected to each host.

Example domains:

All domains are for different purposes and have dynamics path for teams and others. So, in the nuxt config or sitemap config I call call for example teams per domain from my backend. But, in order to do i need to know which domain it is. So, i set a client-host to my call, but for some reason i do not know which domain the app is.

Does this make sense?

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Andrey Gaisinskii Author

Still don't get it:)

But maybe you can add a custom header to your API calls. And each of your websites will have a custom header, for e.g. x-platform: tourzomer, x-platform: fantaciclo and so on.

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Dirk Menkveld

Hi, yeah that's the solution, but the problem is that I can't access the hostname tourzomer or fantaciclo in nuxt config or the utils helper I have to get the routes.