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Apache Camel #4 - Processors

Hello Devs!

Long time no new article!

Guess i have to fix that.

Today we are talking about processors in Apache Camel routes.

Processors are a part of camel which enables us to write our custom components and business logic and implement it in the routes.

There are two ways of using processors.

  1. Creating a class and implementing Processor with process method. This way we can easily write a test and separate processor logic from route itself. It looks something like this in the route.

.process(new CustomProcessor())

Processor itself will look something like this:

public class CustomProcessor implements Processor {

    public void process(Exchange exchange) {
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  1. Functional way.

.process(exchange -> exchange.getIn().setBody("test"))

Even though this way is easier that first, it couples processor logic to route and you could only test it if you test whole route.

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George / Djordje

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