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Djordje Bajic
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Apache Camel #3 - RabbitMq

Hello there again!

It passed 2 months since my last article, so I decided to write a new one.

Today we will focus on RabbitMq and what we can do with it using Camel.


Maven repository -> Camel RabbitMq

Connection to RabbitMq

When using SpringBoot:

  1. Create a class with @Configuration annotation.
  2. Create a method which will return ConnectionFactory and annotate it with @Bean.
  3. Instance a connection factory and set properties.
public ConnectionFactory rabbitConnectionFactory() {
    ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory();

    return connectionFactory;
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*note: You can use application properties to connect to the server.

If you are using pure Camel:

Using RabbitMq

Now that we successfully connected to RabbitMq it's time to start consuming/producing messages to queue/exchange.

Camel RabbitMq component documentation.

Consuming Message from the queue:

  1. We will set the rabbitMq component to fetch from the queue which is bind to exchange.
  2. Log message body received.

public void configure() {

.log("Message received: ${body}");
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Producing Message to exchange:

  1. We will create a route.
  2. Set message body.
  3. Send a message to the exchange.

public void configure() {

 .log("Message to be sent: ${body}")
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Aand that's all folks, if anyone have some question, feel free to ask me via DM or just leave a comment.

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