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2020 What does it hold?

Stephen Smith
R&B lover with a flair for development
・1 min read

2020 has arrived and new things are on the horizon. 2019 is becoming a memory. Keep moving forward is what I believe. No setbacks are worthy enough to stop moving forward. What goals do you want to meet this year? I am not one for setting resolutions and I won't start now. A few things I would like to see happen in 2020 -- a new job position where I can use the CS skills I went to school for. I want to see an expansion in 2020 when others see failure I see success. I know that I can't see success unless I go through failure so let's keep moving forward...Lastly I want to help others succeed as I succeed. Being a better husband, father, and so on...who wants to join in that adventure?

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