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There was a class in my secondary-technical school called "Universal Electric Maintenance" (or something like that, forgive me if I don't remember correctly). I was in IT class. We asked our teacher what is this class? Those guys had common classes with electricians, IT and CRT television mechanics (yep, this was more than 10 years ago, I'm old as f...). He described:

Basically they will have knowledge about everything, that's why they will master nothing.

What the teacher didn't told directly, that's why no one will hire them, because if someone want an electrician in their company, they will hire an electrician. And the biggest problem was, these guys will never have education for CRT television repair and they cannot start their own company (in my country, you need to hold the specific education certificate to start a specific company).

And this is the problem with full-stack devs today. The world has changed, no one care's anymore if the "Universal Electric Maintenance" guy doing 2 or 3 field's job, because it's cheaper. It's okay if you full-stack, because you want to release your pet project. But it's not okay when a big IT company hire you for full-stack. Basically this means: they want one dude for two dude's job, because it's cheaper. Because they still living in the dream that you touch javascript when you making the "final touches".

Usually in little companies, the "full-stack dev" is the IT department itself. Just think about this when you apply.

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