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Discussion on: When Should You Use A Web Framework?

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David Kamer

I don't really see any use for HTML/CSS by themselves unless it's just to play around (i.e. not in a professional environment). You need something to transform your code to a production ready state, or you're wasting your time. What I mean is, there are tools out there like WordPress that will give you sites that you might be tempted to code with no framework, and they will do it in a way that will handle all of your cross-browser compatibility issues.

I mean if you want to go add --moz prefixes to whichever CSS values need it (looking it up or memorizing it is a task unto itself), then by all means you can spend valuable time doing that, however it won't be as perfect of a product, and it won't work as well as something done with a tool.

I'm no fan of WordPress, and I might not even be making an argument for frameworks per se (even though I'd argue that the "bloat" is often doing something very much worth it). I am definitely making an argument for build tools that will make your code production ready.

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Philippe Vaillancourt Author

I think I can get behind that. Even if I were to consider going framework-less on my next project, I would for sure, at a minimum, use Typescript and Parcel. Probably SCSS too.