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Discussion on: Doing something about the Unbearable Whiteness of Coding

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David Kebler Author

I'd say the first point of discussion is

"How to identify those who need resources and encouragement."

From my educator experience just finding students with the aptitude isn't enough. There are many shiny technology fruit out there now and coding takes a builder/maker vs a user motivation

I had a friend's son who seemed a good candidate and had some interest and so I helped get him set up a Linux dev machine to get his feet wet with sysops and basic coding. It turns out what he wanted to be was a professional gamer. I think a lot of interest in technology turns out to be a "super user" interest and not a "maker/coder" interest.

So one has to have an aptitude and they have to have a mind-set as well. They'll need the right temperament too.

When I was young <22 there were few games and little productivity software and no internet and real-time hardware was almost all analog (ha). If you wanted a computer to do something you had to code it yourself with maybe only a reference book to help. So I'm at a disadvantage identifying prospective coders in that regard. My nephew who is a late 30s software engineer would probably have better insight how to identify a bona fide candidate. I'm thinking finding those interested in IOT (real time) stuff (e.g. robotics) might be one way as that interest still pretty much demands learning to code.

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