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Discussion on: Steps to become Z Senior Developer

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Daniel Lozano Navas • Edited on

Here's the thing. A Senior Developer might not even write code anymore. At least not the way they did when they were Programmers. Here's the key difference between a Developer and a Programmer: a Developer is a really good programmer who now owns a product specification. They know every corner of their products. That, as per @vijay 's comment. might come along w/ both a ton of stakeholder relationships as well as a team of technical folks to lead for product development.

I might have some hints for you, though:

  • First, automation and execution are kings.
  • "Complexity * Scaling will eventually exceed your skillset" -The phoenix project.
  • Creativity works best when productivity mode is on.
  • Don't fear the CLI. Don't fear the Cloud.
  • Don't try to master everything, no one does.
  • Let yourself into curiosity. There are new things coming out every single day.
  • You must be willing to face complexity. Embrace it.
  • Engage with developer communities.
  • Explore those CS fields you would most like to work in and get certified.
  • If you are writing code, follow high coding standards and practices.
  • Remember you are (or will be) to working with real people on the same codebase. There's this quote I like a lot: "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand."

Then, seniority comes along with deep technical knowledge, experience, and discipline.

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LegendProgrammer Author

That's really nice, you summed everything in one post.
thanks, I will proceed and start practising your suggestions immediately.