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Discussion on: Explain ORM like I'm five

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Donald Merand

I love this building blocks analogy! I also agree that it seems like many of these folks haven't met a 5-year-old. Extending the blocks analogy...

Imagine that I ask you to make some sculptures of fishes for me. I don't really care what material you use to make the sculpture - you can use clay, or legos, or popsicle sticks. As long as it's a sculpture, and the things you give me look like fishes, I'm happy.

The fish is the object, the database is the material (clay/legos or maybe MySQL/PostgreSQL), and you, the sculptor, are the object-relational mapper. Maybe you started making fishes out of legos, but now you like making them out of clay, but I'm still happy because you keep giving me fishes.

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Erick Navarro • Edited

Your fishes are a great way metaphore for models!