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Discussion on: What's your favorite editor/terminal color scheme?

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Donald Merand

I've been all-Solarized, all the time, for many many years.

I use it in ITerm2 (dark variant):

I use it in Vim (also dark):

I use it in Atom (light):

... and I use it in Quiver (also light):

Before Solarized, I would spend way too much time making custom themes that never looked as nice. I like that there's a version of it for everything, so that I don't have to think about these things anymore.

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Jeff Kreeftmeijer Author

Having a premade version for everything would be my reason to switch back too. I used Solarized for a couple of years, but couldn't get used to the yellow background color (I tend to switch between bright and dark a couple of times a week).