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re: How do you maintain side projects? VIEW POST


I don't have any set Massive times or anything; I code as the spirit moves me, so to speak. For chores, I have greenkeeper set up to automatically submit pull requests when dependencies update. Thanks to putting in effort on the automated tests, it's pretty easy to tell when something might require a closer look (like this Node 10 upgrade...) so if the build result looks good it doesn't take more than a few moments to pull in updates. I use the same text editor I use every day for working in Node so that's always current.

Basically: automate as much as possible, use as few specialized tools as possible (Alton Brown's #1 bit of kitchen advice too, I understand).


Oh wow, Massive looks like a big project. Very cool. I'm not that familiar with node.js but I like the idea of greenkeeper for npm. That looks really helpful. I'll have to investigate if something similar is available for other languages.

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