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  1. Put together a resume, if you don't already have one. Your "work experience" section should say you're self-employed or freelance 2017-present and talk about what you did for those projects.
  2. Get a LinkedIn profile up, if you don't already have one, and make sure the "actively searching for jobs" setting or whatever it's called is toggled on.
  3. Look for job leads (StackOverflow Jobs, AngelList, Indeed, Dice, WeWorkRemotely,, etc).
  4. Start applying!
  5. When you run out of leads, repeat from step 3.

I find I do best if I treat job hunting as a full-time job or as close to one as possible: wake up in the morning, get some tea or coffee and breakfast, sit down, and start sending out applications. Remember that you'll only hear back from a subset of applications you send out, you'll only get a screening from a subset of the companies you hear back from, you'll only get an interview from a subset of the companies that screened you, and you'll only get offers from a subset of the companies that interviewed you. Take a little time to tailor your cover letter to each lead, but above all keep moving. The important thing is to get your resume on as many desks as you can.


You gave me a clear directions about what I should do next. I will do these steps. Thanks.

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