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Have the Moby drivers gotten any easier to work with since ~2009? 😂 It's probably mostly on me since getting a Moby-I talking to other software was my first and only C++ project, but I remember it being a bear.


Thanks for the question Dian. I haven't had the pleasure to work with Moby-I hardware. If I understand correctly it is used for inductive object identification, correct? Only object id system I worked with was a sorter system but it was based on label scanning and then it would go through a curtain mainly to calculate the box size.

I think technologies have advanced a lot for inter communications. Have a link to the C++ library or its documentation or was that purchased?


Yeah, it's an RF tag reader. We were using it to track pallets carrying engine parts, but that was a few jobs ago. I don't have a link to any of the docs anymore unfortunately.

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