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Discussion on: Stay alert

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Dmitrii 'Mamut' Dimandt

As a developer there is never a reason to use these antiquated (nonsensical and legacy) application flow functions.

The article clearly stated the reasons. You decided to dismiss them out of hand

As developers we can easily implement the required functionality ourselves

That's the thing though: you can't easily implement this functionality. Saying that you can easily implement this functionality betrays the fact that you know very little of what goes into implementing into a proper accessible dialog.

On top of that the "replacement" that browsers have (<dialog>) is so bad that Chrome devs themselves argued for its removal. But you'd know that if you read the article.

As a user I do not want...

So instead of solving these issues browser implementors decided to remove a feature without providing a proper replacement.

spec from day1/not break the web arguments are superfluous as the current real world usage is mostly only nefarious cross origin scripts

And you know this how? From numbers that Chrome provided from public usage data that they themselves admitted was incomplete and incorrect?

Apart from tutorials there are no real world examples that merit the usage of these methods.

The article that you didn't read provides real world usage examples.

But its also telling how you dismiss tutorial sites out of hand because in your mind they are entirely unimportant. What else is unimportant to you?