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Is AI really intelligent?

dochan profile image Farhan Yahya Updated on ・1 min read

I'm a computer science student who started his journey in Machine Learning not long ago and as I kept moving on and studying some learning algorithms and many more this question came up to me. Is AI really intelligent?

What I think

For me, I'll say AI isn't that smart. Everything we've done is a nice try but we've gotten nowhere making computers smart.

AI to me is just an imitation game, why would I say this? You'll realize it more when you see some of the applications of AI in visual arts, music, and writing screenplays. It's unable to create but to imitate. It simply tries to find patterns in the data it's fed and the funny thing is that even if none exists it still finds you something.

The difference

When a human is fed with different paintings from different painters, he/she studies their individual artistic styles and uses it as a guide to creating something new but what AI will do is to just combine these paintings for you.

My definition of AI

Using mathematical formulas to find patterns in data and giving out an output that falls within that same pattern. Which humans can also do the hard way.

Hence, I'll say AI is cool but it's just an imitation game. What do you think?

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