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Live Coding React fundamentals and projects

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Recently I’ve been helping people through Twitter to strengthen their JS skills (specifically using the React ecosystem).

It’s been such a great way to empower myself and others, while getting my own core fundamentals nailed down.

I tweeted about possibly live streaming building a project, showing examples of different ways to write cleaner code, and all around building a community of vulnerability and learning. It received enough of a response for me to start taking it seriously.

I’d love to hear thoughts from my Dev peeps, you all are so awesome I’d love to finally give back.

I’m looking for topics and ideas. I have some good stuff I’ve planned up, but am always open to ideas!

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As this being a "React fundamentals" project, it would be great to add a topic on the React lifecycle methods including those that we don't normally use and sometimes forget they exist. Even if they are not commonly used I think it's great to have an understanding of what they do and when they happen. Btw, congrats on doing this :)


Perfect! I just hosted a meetup around life cycles and what hooks will allow us to do instead. Thanks for the feedback and can’t wait to get started!


You've probably already got this on your list, but I'd definitely say add a topic on the Context api. State is such a fundamental part of React that showing the use-case/reasoning behind Context would be a great addition. As already said, congrats on doing this. 👍


Yes! Maybe even bring in an example of useContext from hooks and then test it all. I’m sure that would be interesting.

Thanks for the support!

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