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Bitmovin | Software Engineer | Klagenfurt, Austria or Berlin

Bitmovin is a fast growing company in the video industry. We are the technology leader in online video technologies such as cloud-based encoding, adaptive streaming players, 360°/VR streaming and performance analytics.

The company was founded by the co-creators of international media standards like MPEG-DASH, that is used today by Netflix, Youtube, and others.

Bitmovin is backed by top investors such as Atomico as well as industry leaders like the former VP Engineering of Netflix, former CTO of Cisco, founder of Unity3D, and many others.

Our customers include The New York Times, Periscope, Red Bull Media House and many more.

A personal note from me: I don't gain anything from posting this here. I'm an employee at Bitmovin, and I can genuinely say that it's a great place to work. The colleagues are amazing, in their technical ability and also how we treat each other.

If you want to chat with me before applying, you can reach me on Twitter or via my private email

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