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Monolithic vs Micro service

A fight since the dawn of time, monolithic vs micro service. What is the better service architecture? Monolithic applications are built as one unit. Hence the prefix "mono" (not the disease Sam Darnold had)image This is a real graphic the New York Jets created.

A monolithic application has a database, user interface, and server side application. Monolithic is the traditional way to create. It is what all the old heads used. The new wave is microservices.

Microservices use oriented APIs. This allows a lot more flexibility. Microservice is service oriented architecture. It makes the application a collection of loosely coupled services.

One benefit of micro services is scalability. Each micro service is independent from each other, so each micro service can be modified and scaled independently. Changes can be made on the fly with no downstream impact.

One interesting criticism of micro services I read about was how HTTP is used, but HTTP was designed for public facing applications, not micro services. Also micro services have more up front costs.

This article helped me understand what a micro service is and what the advantages and disadvantages are.
This article showed the differences between micro services and monolithic structure.

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