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Rick and Morty // CLI Project

Hello again,

The last couple weeks have been BRU-TALLLLL. But the pieces are all starting to come together and I'm not AS terrified as I was 3 weeks ago. So, this week, being week 4, means that Module 1 of my Flatiron journey is coming to a close. And this week, we had to take everything we learned from the last three weeks and put it to the test by building our own Command Line Interface (CLI) project. And with that CLI, we either had to scrape data from a website OR request data from an API...I definitely did the latter of the two options.

In this project, to be put in short, pulled information from an API, then used that information with Ruby in order to create objects and have them interact with each other across multiple files in order to have a user interact with whatever is outputted into the terminal. I think I said most of that right...I'm still learning, so be gentle, lol.

And my project was to pull information regarding Characters from Rick and Morty, and have the terminal display this information after performing some technology gymnastics and magic and having the user interact with the prompted text.

This was a stressful process -- I'd attest that it was because I've never used my brain in this way -- but I got through and hopefully the information has been stored in my own computer (aka - my brain). Sooooo, yeah, if ya wanna check out my code, follow the link below!!

Bodda-bing, bodda-boom, enjoy!


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