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The .NET Docs Show: Azure and all things mobile πŸ“±

In this episode of The .NET Docs Show, Matt Soucoup (@codemillmatt) demonstrates Xamarin.Forms / Xamarin.Essentials and how easy it is to transition your .NET skills to mobile development. As part of this week's #CheckUp, we shared a Microsoft Learn module - Create a mobile app with Xamarin.Forms. Additionally, we learned that a lot of the Xamarin University content that sat behind a paywall has since been ported over to a Microsoft learning path and is entirely free πŸ€‘!

The #HallwayTrack was amazing! We learned a bit about Matt's career, and how he started with Mono Develop. After talking about Objective-C, Matt recounts:

Apple decided that developers were using too many square brackets, so they went to Swift 🀣

Matt details how it was a tooling solution to lift his C# skills and apply them to mobile. Matt showed off live reload, where the iOS simulator would immediately refresh the application with XAML changes - this greatly tightens the feedback loop...thus making the developer more productive. We discussed Android and iOS, as well as MAUI - Matt shared his perspective on Android.

Everything about Android is weird! 😡

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