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The .NET Docs Show: .NET Core 3.1 & Twilio ☎️ workshop

In this episode of The .NET Docs Show, Layla Porter (@LaylaCodesIt, Microsoft MVP and ☎️ Twilio Evangelist) discusses her .NET Core & Twilio workshop. As part of this week's #CheckUp, we cover the .NET Core EventCounters API, and briefly demonstrate it in action on an ASP.NET Core web API.

The #HallwayTrack featured an amazing conversation about developing a workshop that is accessible to all developers! Layla takes an iterative approach, where refactoring becomes important in later segments, this is synonymous with modern agile development today. Layla mentions "brain-hurting", which caught my attention...later, we then debated "cake 🎂" vs. "pie 🥧"! Overall, the episode was packed with useful tidbits and words of encouragement!


Leave the "egos" at the door, regardless of who you are. Be empathic!

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