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Discussion on: 7 Tips for Career Advancement and Personal Fulfillment

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Matt Netkow • Edited

Kim - fantastic post! On "Sharing Your Wins" - I also write mine down in Evernote as they happen. It's hard to remember what you did in February during December review time!

EDIT - I forgot something else! haha. On FOMO and comparing yourself to... yourself: Wonderful point. I tend towards "wait and see" when it comes to tech, especially JavaScript frameworks. Story time! Years ago when I started building hybrid web apps with Cordova, using jQuery and plain old JavaScript. Angular 1 (AngularJS) came out - was I tempted to switch? Yes! But I didn't, which allowed me to focus and ship several successful apps. Later on at my day job, I ended up learning Angular 2 - go figure. I still haven't learned React, but I've been just fine. Now that we support React at work though, the timing's right - so off I go! Cheers.