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re: Using a Chromebook for Web Development: Part 3 VIEW POST


I thought I'd add on to this, since I just installed the Linux Beta that was offered inside my Chromebook. I have an Acer 14 that I bought back in 2016. This is the exact model I have, in case you're wondering:

Install and Setup

I just clicked on the Linux Beta button I saw somewhere in the settings, and it was done in a couple of minutes. In case you don't see anything like that, here are some instructions:

After that, I went to the Visual Studio Code site, downloaded the debian version and clicked to install. No issues. Everything works as expected (including my extensions and sync settings)

Next, I wanted to install node and npm. Luckily, I found this article ( I just copy / pasted, and I was up and running.

All in all, this probably took me 15 minutes. I have been using the machine for about a week with no issues. Love it!

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