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Thanks for this post! Definitely a good use case for those unused Pis some of us have lying around! Just wanna double down on how important I think this piece you touched on is:

USB thumbdrive if you want data on a thumbdrive rather than Pi SD card

As a person who likes to play around with Raspberry Pis a lot, you will definitely want to use an external HDD if you care about your data at all (and in the case of git I imagine you do). 😛

SD cards just aren't designed for the kind of file access patterns of an OS.

If you do plan on using an SD card to get started, though, disabling swap is a must. Otherwise with the Pi's low amount of RAM your OS will be swapping memory to disk a lot and this will thrash the SD card. 😵


Yes SD cards are super duper slow when it comes to R/W. Definitely will need a drive for this task.

Thanks for the disabling swap suggestion, will keep that in mind.

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