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tflookup - Developer diary Epilogue

Dear diary,

it's been some days since I wrote to you about my experience with creating a Terraform documentation lookup app and while I'm using tflookup on a daily, I noticed something.

When I start my work in the morning and have the first interest in looking up some provider resource of Terraform, I naturally check out tflookup. And that is no fun experience, because I have to wait and waiiiiit until tflookup finally comes up.

That's because, Heroku has something they call dyno sleeping for the free subscription and as not many other people tend to use tflookup currently, the app gets all sleepy and falls into a deep slumber until I wake it up in the morning.

I don't want to pay Heroku for this little side project of mine and being a simple Node.js app, that is easily deployable, I simply deployed it on my server, that I manage for years (and that is already active rebuilding the tflookup index each night)

So from now on, I will be checking out tflookup on a new address.


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