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Discussion on: Why are you afraid of DevOps?

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Elle O'Brien

My first two ideas:

  • A lot of docs are thorough, but not truly beginner friendly. It took me 7 tries to learn Git! Quite a few attempts before I could spin up my own EC2 instance! This is getting better because there are so many blogs and tutorials on sites like, but frequently our tools and docs are not intuitive for absolute beginners.

  • There may not be incentives for a person to learn DevOps! I come from academic science, and most research labs could seriously benefit from taking stock of their technical debt and investing in DevOps. But careers are advanced by writing papers, not by fixing technical debt. And since the cost of that debt is never measured, you can functionally ignore it until a catastrophe hits.

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Ido Shamun Author

Usually, when catastrophe hits you can't do anything besides fixing it. Sometimes it takes less work to prevent it. But I can't agree more that no one cares about tech debt. Managers/supervisors would like to see results.