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Discussion on: I love git log

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Andrew Stuntz Author

Which VCS does not do that?

Just trying to start out on the right foot.

the one thing both don't to too well, namely: merging incompatible branches, is the unique selling point for Darcs/Pijul.

I haven't used Darcs/Pijul before. But, I plan on writing somethings about merging/rebasing difficult branches. Which, probably isn't too different than what most people do, but there are ways to make merging less painful.

Whenever I need to use Git, I surely prefer GitKraken.

Yeah, I have used GitKraken, its the closest thing to a usable git GUI that I would use.

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I was disappointed with SourceTree.

I like Cycligent.

I thought GitKraken had the prettiest UI of the front-ends I've seen.

The only two problems I experienced with GitKraken, which is from a year or two ago:

  • abysmally slow (hopefully fixed by now...)
  • no Git LFS support (hopefully fixed by now...)
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It is still slow because it still uses Electron AFAIK.

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Derek Rosenzweig

Sourcetree is pretty good, though they have some annoying bugs once in a while.