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Discussion on: Traditional vs modern web development ⚔️

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Drew Town

I really liked this post as a way to explain "modern" web development to "old-school" developers. The fact that it is nearly 2 years old now and has aged pretty well shows that web development has stabilized quite a bit in that time.

Personally, I think bundling is probably the most impressive thing about modern web development. No more making sure this script is minified and ordered correctly before that script. Webpack does an amazing job and doing all of that for us with a little setup effort (or none if you are using a CLI tool like Vue's). Plus the benefits of tree-shaking and async loading. Huge win!

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Sunny Singh Author

Nice, love the dinosaur comics! Yeah bundling is pretty impressive, I'm not sure how many people still prefer running concatenation and optimization scripts with Gulp/Grunt versus just having Webpack/Parcel handle all of that for you by just looking at imports, but I definitely prefer the latter.