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Discussion on: Choosing a Programming Language

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Douglas Minnaar Author

When I chose SQL as one of the languages I think that one should know, I knew that it may raise a few questions. Therefore, I'm surprised that you're the first to ask :). I consider SQL to be a programming language because even though it is quite different to third generation(3GL) imperative languages like Java, C, C++, it is still a fourth generation language(4GL). I understand that many developers only use SQL to achieve simple CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations, but you can do so much more. SQL supports loops(FOR, WHILE), conditional statements (IF,CASE), variables, functions, types, procedures etc. This may cause many to cringe, but I personally know a developer who wrote an entire backend batch payroll system for a medium size enterprise using SQL ... legend :D

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Anindya Sundar Paul • Edited

I am having difficulties trying to wrap my head around the fact that someone wrote an entire backend batch payroll system using SQL! Also, I didn't know SQL supports loops. Thanks for enlightening. There is so much yet to be learned!

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