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Daniel Schep
Daniel Schep

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Introducing Proven

I'm pleased to introduce Proven to the community. It is a browser extension for Firefox & Chrome to add badges to users' names on Twitter as an alternative to their verified program.

Proven uses Keybase's API to look up a user by their twitter handle and if they have an account, it adds badges for their keybase profile as well as other profiles that have been linked by posting a proof.

This is what it looks like in action! (all the badges are clickable links to the relevant profiles)

Install it on Firefox or Chrome. And check out the source on Github

Update: Now with night mode and mobile (use the ๐ŸฆŠ) support!

Update 2: Now with tweetdeck support!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Super simple and intuitive, nice.

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Ben Halpern

This is super cool!

nijeesh4all profile image
Nijeesh Joshy

Great plugin in man

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daisuke osada

so sweeet๐Ÿ’š

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