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Hi Scott,

Just a quick question from the Netherlands here. I enjoy hearing you speak and write but I often wonder, how do you decide when to blog and what to blog about? I have my own website and I regularly think about blogging, but don't know what about. Sometimes I have done something that I think about, hey maybe this is interesting for other people but I find it hard to speak/type english on a tech level. Other times I just think, meh would this actually interest people.

And where do you get your inspiration from building al the cool stuff with the raspberry pies and stuff!? :)


I would stop you with the "would this actually interest people" part. Does it interest YOU? Then blog about it!

I am not sure about inspiration...if I see it on twitter I think, maybe I can do that!


Thanks for the reply! Alright, as soon as I think of my next subject, I'll do it!

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