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Video Analytics - Future of Analytics?

Hello from Sarvesh - one of the co-founders at, excited to share some deep insights into the world of video analytics!

What is Video Analytics?

Video Analytics can be understood something related to monitoring the user's behaviour for your product! Often it happens you have event analytics turned on giving you the product usage in an abstracted manner but doesn't provides the exact sense of product usage leading to less behavioural insights of product usage.

Let's take a scenario?

You have a product XYZ and you are tracking a certain KPI of login dropoff on the platform! And you have certain A tool tracking events for that purpose. Now let's assume two scenarios.

a. A person clicks on the Login button
b. A person doesn't clicks on the Login button

But you get to know that you have a high dropoff on that step. Now you are bound to see what was the behaviour of users dropping off at the location/instance!! But you can't simply do it with a regular event analytics tool!

Let's assume now you want to run an A/B testing for that section. But you don't have any POC of what you should do to incur a lower dropoff than before! You can do it in random but not in targetted manner leading to more time wastage.

How does Fusion helps in Video Analytics?
At Fusion we care for both company's time and also development effort and minimize the efforts with larger output and assured success!

We provide with the visual analysis of your product through small video recordings and help to see the visual journey of a particular user and then convert him by either engaging him or running an A/B testing for a certain set of users. (A/B testing in pipeline yet to be developed).

You can view product usage videos and take actions according to that with backing of event analytics to confirm you POC and run engagement in a certain targetted manner!

Hope you like the article and definitely visit for more insights.

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