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re: I used to keep up with 1 post a week for maybe half a year or so. But, for the last year or so I have been struggling with time to keep this up. I...

yep. this is actually what I am planning to do. I have a pet project that i am building and i am trying to write some posts summarizing the stuff I learnt and explaining how I built it. but I noticed that that requires a huge amount of time.
working on a pet project is a good way to learn, but often is also consists in reading some tutorials - putting together some snippets and have something working in the end. Writing a post out of it means that you really must have cleaner code and structure and properly must have dug in the stuff you did. ( on the other end, this forces me to really learn out of the pet project - so probably who cares if i skip a week or two... :-)


Exactly. You have to dig into it to make sure someone doesn't tell you your wrong!!

Then the extra benefit is when you forget all this stuff, it's all there on your blog. Written in a way that you understand and with the information that you care about.

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