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Discussion on: How To Transition From Sitting to Standing at Work

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Davide de Paolis

I switched to the standing desk a couple of years ago. After 2 days at home sick because of back pain ( due to workout/climbing), I realized that the pain was ok while standing - so I set up a workstation resembling the picture you have above (card and Ikea boxes). I mentioned that to my boss and I managed to get one proper standing desk in a couple of weeks. Since then I gradually increased the number of hours I could code while standing and I really enjoyed it - I do feel more energised and more productive)
Unfortunately, in the last year, I had a couple of injuries at my ankles/knees (sometimes I think that doing sports is not so healthy for me.. :-) ) so I had to switch back to the sitting position, and then I got a bit lazy. But right now I still try to spend at least a couple of hours of work with the extended table!

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Molly Struve (she/her) Author

So happy to hear someone else who has had my experience! I have had a few riding injuries that have prevented me from standing, those are always rough days 😝