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Day 161: Pray

liner notes:

  • Professional : I guess the meetup took a lot more out of me than I thought. haha I got up a little later than normal. Had a couple of meetings with co-workers and got to know more about them. Had a lot of things in common. Even got to show some of the stuff I've been working on. Spoke to the Web Components team and told them my findings on figuring out how to get it working in environments where we can't npm install. Had a talk prep session. Started an open-wc Web Component, but this time using TypeScript, pray for me. haha

  • Personal : Last night, I was determined to just finish up the current side project and get it deployed. I knew anything else would just be nitpicking. haha There are some things I want to add, but would like to get feedback on its current state so I know where to take it next or make some changes. Did that and fell asleep. Oh, the new site is

Overhead shot of a forest in Puerto Rico

Going to upload the latest show to the station so that it can get played this week. Since I'll have that laptop open, I'll go through some submitted tracks. Got a random package in the mail from a place I didn't recognize. In it was a catalog I ordered. I thought I got everything in an earlier package. In the package, there was also some samples of the product. Pretty awesome. I'll probably spend the rest of the night planning out an order to make now that I have a full catalog and some samples.

Have a great night!

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