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Day 241: Stay Up

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Wow this week flew by!!! Where did the time go? Happy it's Friday, but I never get everything done that I wanted. I was able to finally get a draft done for my next blog post and another demo done for it. Thing is that a demo I created that worked last week for the post, stopped working. It's using the latest version of the JavaScript framework that's been changing. [Edit: Thinking about that it was working last week but not now and there has been a bunch of releases. I rolled the version of the framework back, and it works again!]

  • Personal : Stayed up late to work on the blog post and then got up early to finish it up. So I'm pretty tired.

A ring of waterfalls in the jungle of Sewu Waterfall, Indonesia

Going to finish putting together tomorrow's radio show and maybe call it a night early. It's raining and my futon is calling me. Maybe I'll stay up and work on my side project. Decisions. haha.

Have a great night and weekend!

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