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Day 361 : Woman

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Another chill day. Just worked on doing screen recordings for the tutorial video template. A few things have changed, so I figured might as well update the recordings. Had a couple of meetings. Pretty good day.

  • Personal : Last night I fixed the issues I was having with the Service Worker in my side project. I just added an array with all the files that were being called from the wrong location and when the Service Worker tried to call them, I just redirected the request to the correct location. Also refactored some code in my Web Component so that the attributes were now hyphenated and that fixed them from disappearing when navigate between pages. Got everything pushed and published and verified it works on multiple devices. Also worked how I wanted to layout some text on the side project. Watched an episode of "Yasuke" and went to sleep.

View into a valley in Tham Sa Koen, Thailand with large rock formations sticking up from the fields covered in a fog.

Going to add some text and layout to the side project. Once that's done, just need to work out the Notification system and then it should be good to post. Looking to start doing the streams in June, hopefully. I want to go through some tracks for the radio show this week. Little Simz just dropped a video for a dope track called "Woman" featuring Cleo Sol. Will definitely give that a spin. Then end the night watching "Yasuke". That last episode was wild! There's only a few more episodes in Season 1 so I'm interested in how they finish it.

Have a great night!

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