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Day 418 : Waiting for the Rain

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Today flew by quick. I think it was because I was talking with people through out the day. Feels like I didn't really get much done. haha. Plus it was cloudy all day and it was like waiting for the rain. I always get sleepy in that kind of weather.

  • Personal : Last night, I got the data that comes back from the video analysis API stored in the database and showing up in both the admin dashboard and the video details page on the site. Watched an episode of "Fire Force". Checked out some tracks for the radio show. Then I went down a rabbit hole researching some technology for another project I'm looking to start.

View of some trunks of trees in Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Going to start uploading video recordings to another backup site and work on the functions to create thumbnails, highlight clips and the video analytics of previous videos. Then watch another episode of "Fire Force". Getting close to catching up. Maybe go through some tracks for the radio show. We'll see.

Have a great night!

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