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Day 50 : When I woke up

liner notes:

  • Professional : More putting together presentation slides and researching than coding. Went through a few CLI tools that I like and wrote up a summary of each with some screenshots. Also did some more research into web components more specifically creating design systems. I came across It's amazing how much you can do with coding in a browser!

  • Personal : So today was the day....I've been talking about getting a van for a while (when I decided to turn coding into a profession). I placed an order for my van about 4 months ago and it finally came in! So in the afternoon, I made my way to the dealership. In preparation for this day, I called my bank beforehand to see if I could use my debit card. They said that I could increase my daily withdrawal limit to whatever was in my account and just needed to call the day of using it. Cool. On the way, I call my bank to increase my limit and found out that I could only go up a certain level. Not what I was told before. So I had to find a branch on the way to the dealership to get a Certified Check. Awesome. Found the branch, got the check and headed to the dealership. Walked around and inspected the vehicle, then came the paperwork. Before everything could be submitted, I needed to have proof I'm insured. Luckily I spoke with my auto insurance company and got a quote so all I would need to do is click a link and have the insurance for the car. At least that's what I thought. I filled out the online form, hit send and waited to the insurance cards to be emailed to me. A few minutes went by so I just decided to call the company and see what's up. Turns out the form didn't get submitted (even though, I have the confirmation page saved). Spoke with the agent and set everything up. Got my cards, gave it to the dealer and FINALLY BAM! Got my vehicle. Got out of there, driving home, got a call from the dealer to come back. Apparently there were a couple of more forms I needed to sign. In total, I spent about 3-4 hours getting my van. Got home, ate dinner and feel asleep. haha

citywide view of Celano, Abruzzi, Italy

When I woke up from my nap, I was still tired and it was raining. So yeah, not planning on doing really anything. I'll probably look into why my posts are not updating on my site. I wish had an actual API endpoint for me to just pull my latest post instead of the randomness I've come up with.

Have a great night!

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