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Day 524 : WorkinOnIt

liner notes:

  • Professional : Started my day deep diving into learning more about a new feature in the Client SDK so I can add it to the documentation with some code snippets. I have this demo project where I pretty much add to every time there is something new and I want to test it out. As I was working on it, I would ask the team some questions to make sure I understand it. I think I got a better grasp on it to be able to write out the docs. I want to work it into the sample project to make sure the code I write works. After that I did some pair programming with another co-worker from a different part of the company to check out some code they wrote for an upcoming blog post. Not a bad day to go into the weekend.

  • Personal : Last night, I copied over and modified some code from a previous project into the Firebase Functions. After that, I was pretty tired and called it a night. I watched an episode of "Demon Slayer". The brace I made to hold up the project is working out pretty well. So well, in fact, I ordered some parts to kind of do the same thing in other parts of the frame. I'm thinking I'll be able to hang up some things like clothes.

View looking down at a landmass extending into the ocean with another landmass sticking out of the water in Kelingking Beach, Indonesia

Going to see if I can make some calls to the Firebase Functions I made from the dashboard and save data to the database. I also need to go through tracks for the radio show tomorrow. Probably do that first before coding.

Have a great night and weekend!

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