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Day 575 : Make It Clear

liner notes:

  • Professional : The lightning talk I recorded while in Atlanta for a conference, got played at another conference happening in Amsterdam this morning. I hung out in the Discord room if anyone had any questions. Then I had a few meetings and worked on my tutorial video. Pretty much it. haha.

  • Personal : Finally got the animation transition working the way I want with Svelte. I think I had to actually remove the element so that it could "transform" into the new element. Still kind of cloudy on the reasoning, but it works! I'm sure the more I work on the project, it will make it clear. Next, I'll work on the navigation. I want it to be able to be navigated with a keyboard. Thinking of having it work like tabs where you can press the arrows to go between events and then hit tab when you want to dive deeper into a specific event. I watched an episode of an anime series called "Spy x Family". Seems cool. I'll check it out more.

Looking up at a mountain range in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan with a house on a mountaintop with a snow covered mountain in the distance.

Going to do some more work on my tutorial video. Listen to some tracks for the radio show. Work on the navigation for my side project. Also, I've been watching a person on YouTube that was playing this decision based game. A lot of the characters didn't survive when they played it initially, but then they started watching a movie mode where everyone survives. I think they are going to finish watching it tonight. I may have that on in the background while I work on stuff. I always like to watch people play a game instead of playing it myself. haha I think it's because while they are playing, I can work on something and when they are done, I'm done. I'm the type of person that if I play a game, I'll keep playing the game. haha I may watch the new episode of "Ms Marvel".

Have a great night!

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