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Day 583 : Visions

liner notes:

  • Professional : Sat in on a couple of talk prep sessions and gave some feedback. They did a really good job. Then I basically worked on my videos for the rest of the day. The first video is taking a little bit because I'm hopefully setting it up so that I can reuse a lot of it for the next 2. We'll see.

  • Personal : Did a little work on my side project. Then worked on the videos. Went to bed watching a couple of episodes of "The Umbrella Academy". It's really good!

Looking down through some trees at Cape Schanck, Australia shore with some large stone structures coming out of the water at sunset.

Going to keep working on the videos. I want to get them done so I can take it easy on Friday. I ordered some stuff for the van like a thing I can use to hang up shirts. That should let me get rid of the box of shirts I have on the floor. Then I'll start working on the shower I want to put in that place. The visions I have for the van are coming together. There's an online meetup tonight that will be talking about WebXR so that will be cool.

Have a great night!

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