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Day 63 : The Upgrade

liner notes:

  • Professional : Did some crossover work that is both personal and professional. Been building a site that will be a showcase of slides for presentations I'll be giving. This way the audience will be able to see my slides and interact with code snippets just in case they can't see the projection. There will be some real-time interaction so when I go through my slides, the audience's slides will also change and I have closed captions goodness happening. I want to give the audience the Upgraded experience! haha Got quite a bit done and hooked up to the database. I'm using Sapper / Svelte and of course Firebase. haha Looking to get it "done" if not tonight, by this weekend.

  • Personal : Besides working on my work / side project, I'm going to be finishing up this week's radio show.

Colorfully stripped mountains for Old Paria, Utah

This weekend is about the radio show, finishing up some side projects and preparing for my first trip as a JavaScript Developer Advocate next week! Pretty excited. Back to work and laundry. haha

Have a great night and weekend!

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